6. Ablation and fertility

In the first series of HIFU treatment of fibroids, patients who wished to become pregnant were excluded. Despite that, pregnancies occurred in these series.

In 2010, Rabinovici registered 54 pregnancies after MRgFUS, 22 of which went to term and 11 of which progressed beyond 20 weeks.

There was no increase in obstetric complications in the series.

In another more recent study, Quin also found no complications in 7 post-HIFU pregnancies.

In our series, 19 patients have been pregnant, with a total of 22 full-term pregnancies, one producing twins.

Mean time to becoming pregnant post-treatment was 12.4 months, with 21 being spontaneous pregnancies and 1 following embryo transfer.

There were 11 vaginal births and 2 caesareans due to poor positioning. We noted no intrauterine growth retardation and no placenta previa or accreta.




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